Saturday, January 31, 2009

Banana Split - Cereal Cereal Cereal Part One

No other product has been so aggressively advertised to children than cereal. Memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons mostly revolve around wanting the cereal that was in the commercials. Here are some of the best ads and a history of the cereal. Some of these predate me and I wish that these were still around. I feel bad for kids these days who don’t get subjected to this type of advertising.

E.T. Cereal (1984)

This was released to coincide with the Steven Spielberg blockbuster. The ad says that it combines the flavour of chocolate and peanut butter, but apparently there was some controversy in that it was just Es and Ts taken from alphabet cereal. One box on E-Bay is selling for 75.99.

S'mores Grahams or S'mores Crunch (1982 - Late 80s) (Limited run in late 90s)

This had one of the best mascots his name was S'morecerer. This cereal was similar to golden grahams, but it had chocolate graham crackers and tiny dried marshmallows. In 2002 there was a cereal called Smorz that was a takeoff on this with puffed cereal and larger marshmallows. No E-Bay results.

HoneyCombs (1965-Present)

The tree house that the kids are in was called the Honeycomb hideout where all they would do is sing and eat cereal. There would be angry visitors that would show up in each commercial craving big taste and willing to do anything to get it. The kids would then introduce the person in this case Andre the Giant to the cereal and then they would all become friends. This is the magic of television.
Honeycomb's big,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's not small,
No, no, no.
Honeycomb's got
A big, big taste.
A big, big crunch
For a big, big bite!

Mr. T (80s)

T shaped cereal with small Mr. T marshmallow heads , what more could you ask for. The commercial alone is enough to make one want the cereal seeing as the T knows cool and cool is teaming up with a good balance breakfast. This coincided with the Mr. T cartoon not the A-Team which is too bad because I would have liked to eat fruit flavoured Hannibal’s and Faceman’s. No E-Bay Listing.

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