Saturday, February 28, 2009

Banana A Day - Undertow

Horrific in that it is portraying characters and situations that feel very real. It is directed by David Gordon Green so there is a bizarre sense of humor to the film. Jamie Bell is great as is the standard for all the films that he does. The camera work and the setting of the movie work well together. There are a couple scenes that are hard to watch. The first is when Jamie Bell lands bare foot on a nail that goes directly through his foot. Even though there are no shots of the nail actually going through his foot the editing is down in a way that it is still disturbing. The other shots involve Devon Allan who plays Bell's younger brother consuming at separate times mud and paint. It is one of the nastiest things I can think of that I have seen in a movie in recent memory. The film is hard to place in a specific genre, or type of film, but it is definitely worth spending some time with.

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