Thursday, March 5, 2009

Banana A Day - Taken: Extended Harder Cut

I ordered this from Amazon UK and it is weird that this got an 18 rating. It is only during the torture scene that there is a difference between this cut and the PG-13 cut released in North America. In the film Liam Neeson tortures a guy in a metal chair using electricity. In the edited cut he attaches the electricity to the chair. In the harder cut he takes two long nails and jams them into the guys legs and then attaches the electricity to those nails. That is the only difference, there is no blood, and that part of the scene is over in about a second. It is interesting that this was even edited out of the PG-13 cut. I understand that in the UK violence on film is more restricted than it is in North America, but it is such a minor scene that it is almost false advertising to call this a harder cut.

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