Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Box Office Review - Race To Witch Mountain

Dwayne Johnson takes another pay check from a boring and uninspired film. This movie was dull. There was nothing that was interesting at all in the movie. I find it hard to believe that even kids would enjoy this movie, much less the parents who are taking them. The acting was rather poor; by actors who are usual pretty good (I like watching Dwayne Johnson movies but his character was terrible). The kids are both good actors, but here they are portraying aliens who have no personality and are one dimensional, so their talent is wasted. The film feels that it was made just to make money, and there is really no reason to see it. As a foot note, it surprises me that this wasn’t filmed in 3D. There were scenes that were filmed in such a way that it felt like it was suppose to be seen in 3D.

Banana Peel

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