Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Banana A Day - The Quiet Earth

An obvious inspiration for the film 28 Days Later, this New Zealand film is able to create a great end of the world plot without any creatures, or monsters. The film starts out when scientist Zac Hobson, wakes up and discovers that everyone has disappeared. He wanders around trying to figure out what happened. There are many great empty street scenes, as the character wonders around. Zac Hobson over time begins to go crazy, and this climaxes at an inspired scene where he declares himself president of earth. Eventually he meets up with a women, and another man and they try to figure things out without killing each other. The film does explain what happened to all the people and why these characters are still around, but I will not go into any detail so as not to spoil it. This was directed by Geoff Murphy who went on to direct sequels to Young Guns and Under Siege. Although his career did not take off, he was the second unit director for the Lord of the Rings trilogy which is awesome. Anyone who enjoys the apocalypse genre should check this out as it is a very simple premise done extremely well.

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