Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Banana A Day - Southland Tales

Every person I know that saw this warned me not to see it. Having ignored them, I finally got around to watching it, and it is indescribably bad. Richard Kelly created this over indulgent, over long mess of a movie. It appears that he is consciously trying to destroy the greatness that is his first film, Donnie Darko. The directors cut of that movie was not good, and with Southland Tales I lose even more faith in his abilities. This film has a vast array of sub-par actors all trying to do something with a script that should have never been filmed. The basic too complicated and indulgent to go into. Yes it is brave that Kelly tried to do something this grand as a follow up to DD, but he is unable to control his creation. Nothing in this movie works, and with a run time of 144 minutes, it is painful to sit through.

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