Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Box Office Review - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

A couple weeks ago I embraced my inner Michael Bay fan and went and bought Pearl Harbour as it was his only film I hadn’t seen. Pearl Harbour is not very good. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is much worse. T2 is actually able to do something that I have never experienced, it makes the audience stupid. The story jumps around so much and doesn’t complete storylines, so then I am left wondering were certain characters ended up and how some characters were on certain planets and then on earth and why Isabel Lucas is stalking Shia LaBeouf. I tried to follow the story for a while, but found it easier to just shut off and leave my mouth gaping open with drool out the corner. The robots (excuse me Transformers) all speak like idiots and are jumping around so much with their multi-coloured paint bodies that I felt I was being brain-washed. From the dead looks on my fellow audience members faces they felt the same way.

The story was absolutely horrible and the acting was not that much better. To be fair it is not like they had much to work with. None of the actors were very funny, and there was practically no comic relief except for John Turturro. One way they could have added more comedy was by including the best actor from the first movie, Anthony Anderson. He plays the voice of Jolt the Transformer in the sequel, but no actual acting. They should have moved LaBeouf out of the starring role and given it to Anderson.

Apparently this has already made a ton of money in midnight showings and will probably make a ton more money. The movie is garbage, the story is terrible, the acting is bad, and the action is hard to watch. I bet Michael Bay is sitting in a stone fortress somewhere cigar in his mouth laughing as he burns a huge pile of money Dark Knight style.

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