Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Box Office Review - Orphan

Aside from Damien from The Omen and the banjo playing kid from Deliverance, kids are not scary. Orphan proves that kids are not scary. Sure the Satan child Esther does some disturbing stuff and she pops up out of nowhere scarring the crap out of people, but still kids are not scary.

Directed by the guy who did 2005s House of Wax, this movie has a terrible beginning, an okay middle and a horrible ending. The movie opens with a bloody birth scene and then for the next twenty minutes is full of cliché jump moments and cheap scares. The middle has some okay scenes one involving a nun and a hammer. Then the end was such a predictable conclusion and I hated it. I saw it coming and hoped that it wasn’t going to cop out, but it did.

The acting is the best thing that I can highlight about the movie. Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard are very good actors and can still do a good job in a bad film. Isabelle Fuhrman does a great job as the serial killing child. The other children are also very good. Too bad the film is not able to provide anything for these actors to work with.

The only things that may be considered scary in the film are all cheap jump scares. I hate when movies do this. If you are a jumpy person and it is really quite and then gets really loud for a second of course you are going to jump. Obviously tons of movies are guilty of this not just Orphan. It is especially bad in the film though because it is this little girl that is the threat so the jumps scenes result in looking at a little girl. This film could have been all right if it spent the movie building tension instead of spending its time with cheap scares.

Banana Peel

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