Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I Watched Last Week

Deliver Us From Evil

Possibly one of the scariest films I have seen. Especially as it is a documentary. The film profiles Father Oliver O’Grady the most notorious pedophile in the modern Catholic Church. There are many interviews with O’Grady and it is apparent that he is a soulless monster. Seeing his trail of destruction while the Catholic Church moved him from parish to parish is terrifying. This is a great film, but it is disturbing.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This is a funny movie with Peter Segal’s Dracula musical being the best part. I am looking forward to the kind of sequel Get Him To the Greek

The Departed

After seeing Shutter Island I decided to re watch this. I am still not in love with the movie. There are some great scenes mostly when Mark Wahlberg is on the screen. Jack Nicholson’s character kind of bugs me. He is so crazy it is hard to believe he is based on a real character. In my opinion Infernal Affairs is better.

Freddy vs Jason

After going into space Jason Voorhes ends up on Elm street, killing for Freddy Krueger. This is more of a parody of the Friday and Nightmare films. The movie is rather ridiculous. It is directed by Ronny Yu best known for directing martial arts movies. That must be why Freddy and Jason seem to be familiar in that form of fighting. That’s ridiculous, but what is even more ridiculous is the giant demon caterpillar that takes a bong hit then rams itself down a stoners throat.

Ed Wood

What is great about this film is Johnny Depp’s performance. He plays Ed Wood so optimistic that you have to root for him. I recommend watching some of Ed Wood’s films (Plan 9, Glen or Glenda) before watching this bio pic. You will appreciate Martin Landau’s performance more, as well as the amount of work Mr. Wood put into making bad films.


This was surprisingly good. I liked how much it focused on religion. That elevates to more then a Bourne rip off. Don Cheadle is great in the movie, and I was intrigued the whole time.

In Bruges

An underappreciated masterpiece from 2008, after watching this I realised how great Colin Farrell is. Director Martin McDonagh is focusing on theatre work right now. I hope that he makes another film soon.


If Quentin Tarantino hadn’t reserved my the number one spot in 2009 with Inglourious Basterds this would have been number one. This was the eighth time I have watched it and it was the first time I realised how there are long scenes with little dialogue. Tom Hardy is great in this, and deserves all the praise he has gotten. See this if you haven’t.


The first fifteen minutes of the is absolute brilliance. If the movie ended there I would be satisfied. I love that it takes you on an emotional adventure in such a short period of time. When I wrote the original review I gave it a gold banana as I was so enamoured with the opening. Now it is hard to ignore how standard and unamazing the rest of the movie is.

Under Siege

Before he was a Law Man Steven Seagal was Casey Ryback, army chef and ex-Navy Seal. If you take one thing away from this movie it should be that you shouldn’t underestimate people. Tommy Lee Jones underestimates Seagal, and he ends up with a knife in his unmentionables and in his head. It is a rather hilarious death.

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