Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banana A Day - Sidekicks

When this movie came out back in 1992 I remember liking it. Time has not made the heart grow fonder for Sidekicks. Watching the movie as an older and more mature (debatable) person, I see a movie that focuses on a kid who has asthma, is schizophrenic, and is narcoleptic. Barry Gabrewski is a kid obsessed with Chuck Norris. He has lots of problem with school. First off he gets bullied due to being a weakling and having asthma. Secondly he cannot stay awake in class and when he falls asleep he has very vivid dreams of going on adventures with Mr. Chuck Norris. His Asian teacher is concerned about this and calls in Barry's father and recommends an extracurricular activity. Barry's Dad attempts to sign him up for karate lessons but decides not to after meeting the d-bag Dojo owner Stone. Barry is then introduced to his Asian teacher's uncle Mr. Lee a master karate teacher who decides to help him improve his life by teaching him karate. Basically Sidekicks follows the same storyline as The Karate Kid except that the main kid could be declared clinically insane. See it is revealed in the movie that Barry dreams while he is awake and sees Chuck Norris and helps him while awake. If that isn't the definition of crazy I don't know what is. At the end of the movie Barry has improved his life, got a lady friend (the girl from The Wonder Years), and beaten his asthma. He is going to participate in a grand karate competition in order to beat the school bully and show up Dojo owner Stone. It just so happens that Chuck Norris is at the competition and after a sequence of events ends up on Bobby's team. The movie is classic 90s all the way. It is not a surprise that this is yet to come out on DVD as there isn't much of an audience for this outside of Norris fans. When watched ironically the movie works very well as a comedy. My favourite scene in the movie has to do with Bobby and the school bully. In English class the teacher is trying to get an answer out of the apathetic students. The bully is made a fool of in front of the class when he gets and answers wrong, and Bobby gives the right answer of Hamlet. The bully gets this look like someone just spit in his face and he beats up Bobby in the locker room in the next scene. This part of the movie is hilarious as I doubt most kids beaten up over Hamlet. That is one of many golden nuggets from Sidekicks.

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