Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Banana A Day – Big Fan

Big Fan focuses on the interesting subject of ultimate fandom and what happens when a fan becomes a fanatic. Paul Aufiero is a New York Giants fan who works in a dead end job and lives with his mother. His whole life is built on the winning and losing of the Giants. After a misunderstanding with his favourite player, Paul's life comes apart. Paul is played by comedian Patton Oswalt and his performance makes the entire movie. Everyone knows a character like the one Oswalt portrays. Someone who is so obsessed with something that it is their entire life. The story that the character of Paul is put into unfortunately is mearly average. I found the second act of the film to be poor compared to the first and third acts. I felt that too much time is spent wallowing with Paul. Thankfully the end does deliver something less than ordinary. The story may not be great, but this movie is a perfect example of film that is elevated by a single performance. Patton Oswalt deserves all that praise he has gotten from this film.

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