Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Box Office Review – Jonah Hex

I went to the theatre today to see Knight and Day. Fifteen minutes after the screening should have started a manager came in and said that there was a problem with the projector. Due to this problem I got a free ticket voucher and was allowed to select another film to go see. Unfortunately the only film that hadn't already started was Jonah Hex. I wish I could give a fair review for this film, but I can't. I fell asleep midway through the movie and woke up during the final scene. I honestly have no idea what happened. From what I did see of the film I can say that this movie is aimed at thirteen year old boys who have just hit puberty. This movie has cheesy violence, a heavy rock soundtrack, and the apple of every pubescent boy's eye, Megan Fox. She is horrible in this. In fact everyone is horrible in this except for Michael Fassbender who seemed to be having fun with his role. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy, but don't take my word for it, I fell asleep.

A Banana Peel

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