Monday, August 9, 2010

Banana A Day - Scream

It's hard to believe that when this movie was made in 1996 it was originally going to be rated NC-17 due to its graphic opening scene. Now fourteen years later after such films as Hostel, High Tension, Martyrs and basically every R rated horror movie released in the 2000s Scream seems tame. Time has not been kind to the original Scream film. Two sequels and a bunch of Scary Movies later the greatness of the original Scream seems to have been forgotten. After watching this film again I have been reminded just how awesome it is. When I was done watching the full movie I went back and watched the beginning of the DVD with commentary on. Writer Kevin Williamson makes a comment about what he wanted to do with the movie Scream. When writing the movie he thought it would be interesting if all the characters in the film were familiar with horror movie clich├ęs. This is a very cool idea that works well in the film. I am glad that a fourth Scream is in production, and I hope that captures the greatness of the original.

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