Monday, October 4, 2010

Banana A Day – The Haunting

This film is the text book example of a slow burn. All the scares in this entire 1963 film are used in one scene of the 1999 remake of the same name. While the remake is a horrible mess the original film is taut, suspenseful and at times terrifying. After the death of her over bearing mother, Eleanor Lance (played by Julie Harris) volunteers for an experiment to prove the existence of the paranormal. This experiment occurs at a place called Hill House, a house born evil. Immediately Eleanor feels a connection with the house, and things only get worse from there. To be honest I hate the character of Eleanor. She is very annoying and unlikeable. The Haunting is all about the character of Eleanor going crazy, and causing a ruckus. I am assuming that crazy people are not that likeable. The Haunting then does a very good job of realistically portraying madness. It also does a good job of creating scares through little more than sound effects. There is also an amazing effect achieved by using a door made of rubber that is impressive even by today's standards. Modern horror movies could learn a thing or two from The Haunting.

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