Thursday, November 11, 2010

Box Office Review - Inside Job

One of the quotes on the poster for this film claims that "if your not enraged by the end of this film than you weren't paying attention". This is a true statement. The doc is about how insanely corrupt hands worked the economy into the worst state since the great depression. Even if you don't understand much about the financial sector (like me) it is easy to tell that some very bad were done by some very very bad people. It makes sense that the film elicits such strong emotions from its audience as the subject pertains to everyone watching it. Unfortunately the way Inside Job is put together doesn't make for a great viewing experience.

Anyone familiar with essay writing will recognize the formula the movie follows. It starts with an interesting hook by showing Iceland's current state. It chronicles the people who were the cause of The Great Recession and then it ties everything up in a neat conclusion. The film doesn't hide that it is doing this as each part of the film is marked with a chapter head. This rigid formula makes the film come off more like a term paper from a college student rather than an engrossing film which the best documentaries are.

Documentaries such as this have a built in audience. The subject of the financial crisis is addressed on a daily basis and a film that tries to answer the question of what caused the current state of the world is guaranteed to get people into theatre seats. Inside Job is interesting and contains some good talking heads, but in this year of great documentaries it does nothing to stand out.

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