Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Films of 2010

Here are the last films I saw in 2010. Happy New Year of Movies!

The King's Speech

This film shines when it is only Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth on screen. The rest of the time the movie is merely okay. Colin Firth plays King Richard IV who is a strong and capable ruler who has a debilitating speech impediment. Geoffrey Rush is Lionel Logue an Australian speech therapist with unorthodox methods who is hired to help the reluctant Richard. The King's Speech is about the power of friendship and that aspect is great. Firth and Rush play well off each other and I wish more of the film was devoted to their spending time together. Whenever the film focuses on other aspects of Richard's rule the film didn't interest me much. It is worth going to see and I will buy it in the future, but it is not a perfect film.

A Good Banana

Tron Legacy

This film made me very happy. I literally had a smile on my face the whole time I was watching this film. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of problems in with film mainly story wise, but that easy to overlook them. The movie doesn't try to explain anything and I appreciate that. I have no idea how one could explain all the aspects of a human being going in to a computer and interacting with programs like they were real people. It is better to just forget about that stuff and enjoy the spectacle of the film. Once the movie ends up on the computer grid it is just light cycle and disc games for a half hour. This is fantastic. It looks great and is exciting. What more can you ask from a blockbuster. Everyone in the film does a good job in their respected roles and the music by Daft Punk has to be heard on theatre speakers. Tron Legacy is a film that aims to be a crowd pleaser and it achieves that goal one hundred percent. I need to see this film again.

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Gulliver's Travels

This is a forgettable film. I saw this a few days back and barely remember anything about it. No one was laughing in the theatre so the film comes off as being like a sitcom without a laugh track. If you have every seen that then you will now how brutal it can be to watch. Jack Black does his usual stuff here and it is an act that has gotten old. I really wish someone would put him in a role that let him really act, because he is a great actor when he is given a role that requires more than physically humour and ba ba do waps. The best thing that this poor family movie shows is what good sports Emily Blunt and Amanda Peet are as they are given some ridiculous stuff to do. This is especially apparent during the horrible musical end moment performance of War. Gulliver's Travels feels like an unfinished film that needed one or two more script punch ups. The best thing about this film is that I didn't see it in 3D. If I had I probably would have really hated it.

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How Do You Know

Just like Gulliver's Travels this feels like an unfinished film. There are many jokes in this film with zero laughs coming from the audience. One thing that this film does have is watch ability. The film You've Got Mail is not a good film, but I have seen it more times than I care to admit. There is just something watchable about that film. The same goes for How Do You Know. The movie is too long and boring at parts and the performances apart from Paul Rudd's and Reece Witherspoon's are typical. I have a feeling though that this is a film that I will watch again. Maybe on TV or maybe I will pick it up cheap somewhere. The appeal comes from the relationship between Witherspoon and Rudd's character. As corny as it is I found something charming about their meeting and falling in love at one of the hardest points in their lives. With this being said I am not endorsing this movie as the majority of it is not very good. I just have a feeling it might be something I wouldn't be unwilling to watch again in the far future.

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