Friday, July 8, 2011

Box Office Review - Horrible Bosses

This film is a product of the post Hangover world. The film is about three guys who go on misadventures and along the way they meet some bizarre characters. Each of the three guys has a different personality, there is the ladies man (Jason Sudekis), the straight edged guy (Jason Bateman), and the crazy guy (Charlie Day). I hope your thinking that this combination of personalities is exactly the same as The Hangover, because it is. At least in The Hangover, a movie I do not enjoy, I laughed a little bit. Horrible Bosses is completely devoid of any humour whatsoever. I laughed maybe once or twice, and I smiled when Jennifer Aniston made a joke about the Jodie Foster rape film The Accused. This is pretty sad as even in comedies I do not like, I will laugh more than I did while watching this.

The premise for the film is that three friends each have bosses that they hate, and they plan to do something about it. After joking once or twice about killing their bosses, they decide to do it. Here is where the lesson of the film comes in. Do not act on alcohol fueled plans that are first made as a joke. These plans will always be a bad idea. So once these three white guys decide they are going to kill their bosses, they decide to find a hitman to take care of the job. This leads these three white gentlemen into a neighborhood frequented by black people. Do you get it? Their white and they are in a neighborhood with black people. Oh man, what a hilarious combination. White people are awkward around black people, because black people are stereotypically criminals. What amazing non-racist humor. By this scene I was pretty much done with the film, and I just sat there staring blankly at the screen for the remainder. Your probably wondering if they actually go all the way and kill their bosses, and “Spoiler Alert”.....through what is supposed to be a hilarious twist, people end up dying, but not by the hands of any of the three white guys.

There really is nothing worse than seeing a comedy that isn't funny. If the film doesn't make the audience laugh, than it is a failure. Horrible Bosses is such a failure. All the humor is obvious and uninspired. Skip this film and get someone to tell you a knock knock joke. I guarantee it will be funnier.

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