Thursday, February 26, 2009

Banana A Day - Messenger of Death

There is one major flaw in this movie in that it is split into to distinct parts. The first part we are introduced to Charles Bronson's character Garret Smith who is a reporter covering the murder of a polygamists family. We see Bronson investigate deep into a group of religious zealots and he discovers a feud between the man whos family was killed and his brother, the leader of the polygamist group. This part is interesting, but the film cops out and doesn't say anything smart or take a controversial view about religious zealotry. This is where the second part of the movie engulfs the first. There is a twist in the film and Charles Bronson is thrown into a conspiracy involving corporate corruption. Standing alone each could make its own film, but together the two halves basically cancel themselves out. This is still a Charles Bronson movie, so of course he is great as usual.

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