Monday, February 23, 2009

Banana Split - Film Heroes of the Recession

History shows that when times get tough the masses turn to movies for escapism, but I want more from my movies I want heroes, someone to look up to while we are going through these difficult times. I have compiled a list of movies with fictional film characters that are suitable as role models for this economic crisis. In the spirit of being thrifty all the movies are budget titles that can be purchased for cheap.

Hard Target

Based on the story The Most Dangerous Game, the production of this film is especially note worthy in that it was John Woo’s first US film. What is more impressive then coming to a new country taking a financial risk and succeeding? The movie is set in New Orleans where the super rich pay vast amounts of money to hunt and kill homeless people, but they never expected that they would be the ones who would end up dead. The main character is Chance Boudreaux who is played by John Claude Van Damme.

Why is Chance Boudreaux a Hero of the Recession.

He is a homeless man who just can’t get a break, so the justice that he dishes out against those who have more money than they know what to do with is sweet. The rich in this film are portrayed as feeling that they are above the law, and they get a serious dose of reality from the fists of the Mussels from Brussels. He also demonstrates the massive amounts of skills that the working man has, such as making a trap using a Rattle Snake. The film should be taken as a cautionary tale for the rich. Be warned if you are doing things that are illegal and feeling that you will never be caught there will be retribution.

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Over The Top

Sylvester Stallone stares as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who after ten years of being estranged from his son takes him on a cross country trip. During the trip the boy’s Mother who has been very ill passes away. Lincoln’s wealthy father in-law fights for custody of the boy and he must show a way that he can provide for his son. He does this the only way that he knows how by participating in a world championship arm wrestling competition where the prize is a new big rig that will give Hawk a chance to start his own trucking company.

Why is Lincoln Hawk a Hero of the Recession

He holds down a good and honest job driving truck and he is trying his best to make a living. He teaches his son the value of working hard. When faced with losing his son he takes matters into his own hands. Through perseverance, and the support of his son he wins the contest and sole custody.

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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

The film focuses on Buckaroo Banzai’s (Peter Weller) quest to save the world from inter-dimensional aliens called Red Lectroids. Throughout the film he is helped by his many friends and allies.

Why is Buckaroo Banzai a Hero of the Recession

Banzai works multiple jobs to be able to support the life style that he leads. He is a Physicist, Neurosurgeon, and a rock star. He does this so that he can provide for a large group of people at the Banzai Institute.

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A Little Princess

A rich young girl Sara Crewe is sent to a boarding school while her father fights in World War one. She gets the best room and has all the nicest things. While there her father is thought to be killed so she no longer has access to her money loses her place in the school and becomes destitute. She is kept on as a servant by the cruel head mistress. She lives in the attic with all of her fineries being confiscated.

Why is Sara Crewe a Hero of the Recession

Sara after having a booming life is hit hard after all of her money is unfairly kept from her. She remains positive that things will end up getting better and that the good times will eventually return. She passes her time of slave work and poverty by using her imagination. She spreads her cheerfulness to the other servant girl Becky. A neighbour sees that the girls are being mistreated and he provides them with a stimulus package of food and warm clothing. In the end her father is not dead and he comes to rescue her. Her money has returned to her and with her new adopted sister Becky she leaves the school her life never being better.

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They Live

This film explains everything that we need to know about a declining economy. Roddy Piper plays Nada a homeless drifter who comes to L.A. looking for work. After finding a job at a construction site he meets Frank (Keith David) who takes him to a shanty town with a soup kitchen that is provided by a church across the street. Eventually he discovers that the church is a front for an organization trying to alert the public of an alien invasion. The aliens are using a signal sent out through television to make the public see them as regular people. Nada is given a pair of sunglasses made by the secret organization so that he can see the aliens. He is also able to see subliminal messaging in advertising that the aliens use to control the public. As it turns out the aliens are being helped by some actual humans who are then made super rich.

Why is Nada a Hero of the Recession

The very idea that rich people have gotten their wealth by selling out to alien invaders is awesome. Then Nada comes in a man just trying to navigate through life who is fed up with the world around him. He takes justice into his own hands and decides to change his broken down society. He gets a shot-gun and destroys those who have been keeping the public in shackles. In the end he dies for his cause, but not before blows up the source of the signal allowing the general public to see what is actually going on.

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Shogun Assassin

The story of hard working family man Ogami Itto whose wife is murdered by the wealthy Shogun. Itto then declares war on the shogun and his family, and sets out with his son to achieve his goal. While on his mission he takes jobs as an assassin to be able to provide for his son. The body count grows as he gets closer to his goal.

Why is Ogami Itto a Hero of the Recession

Ogami Itto attacks the upper class with the intensity of a lone wolf. He will not stand for being persecuted by a crazy rich man. Even though he has his sight set on achieving his mission he never forgets his son. He cares for him and tries his best to be a good father. He even teaches his son the value of hard work by allowing him to participate in the many battles that they encounter.

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The Fisher King

Jeff Bridges is Jack Lucas, a recently fired radio shock-jock who has been disgraced for making comments on air that resulted in a shooting in a local night club. He is now down in the dumps hiding in a bottle and trying to figure things out. While in a druken stupor he is mistaken for a homeless man by two jerks that plan to set him on fire. He is saved by a homeless man named Parry (Robin Williams) who then enlists Jack's help to capture what he believes to be the Holy Grail. Jack figures that he is crazy, but when he discovers that Parry was actually well off before his wife was killed in the club shooting that he inadvertently caused he agrees to help.

Why Is Jack Lucas a Hero of the Recession

Jack tries to make up for the damage that he has caused to Parry by helping him on his quest. At first he tries to brush it all off and just pay Parry off, but he will not accept his money. Jack instead of throwing up his hands and saying I tried; joins Parry on his quest for the Holy Grail. Too bad those who have scammed people out of their money are not like Jack Lucas. I highly doubt that we will see Bernard Madoff lying naked in Central Park with a homeless man anytime soon.

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Sudden Death

John Claude’s second appearance, here he appears as a down trodden father Darren McCord just trying to raise his kids the best he can. After being disgraced for not saving a little girl as a firefighter JCVD is relieved of his duties and now works as a fire safety inspector at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. This is the year that the Penguins are in the Stanley cup and he is able to get tickets to game seven for his son and daughter. Also attending the game is the vice president who is taken hostage in his box by terrorists. Van Damme uncovers the plot and must somehow save the day before the end of the game.

Why Is Darren McCord a Hero of the Recession.

First off he gets his kids tickets to the biggest game in hockey even though he will be unable to watch the game himself as he is working. He puts his kids happiness in front of his. He also is a true patriot. After finding out about the terrorist plan to blow the arena he works at saving his kids as well as saving the vice president. He is also not selective in who he delivers pain to. No matter what sex or race they are JCVD lays a beat down to achieve his righteous goal.


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