Friday, February 13, 2009

Box Office Review - Friday The 13TH

This movie fails in that it is trying to do too much. On the one side it is trying to capture the feel of old style horror, it is also trying add humour and camp like in the old films, and finally it tries to be a slick new fright film. If it had of focused on one of these things it would have worked, but instead it is mediocre in each of these areas. There is humour inserted in weird parts, that I felt were suppose to terrify the audience. There are a lot of reused plot points from the old F13s, but since this is a reboot it adds a new plot twist. Not to spoil anything the twist reminded me of the Masters of Horror episode Incident On and Off a Mountain Road directed by Don Coscarelli. As for Jason himself his movement and style reminded me of Leatherface. There are some good laughs and scares in this, but I think that using the majority of the crew from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was a mistake. The finished product came off as too fancy and generic.

Banana Peel

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