Friday, February 13, 2009

Box Office Review - The International

Pacing, style and superb acting make for a breathtaking experience at the theatre. Credit has to be given to director Tom Tykwer who previously did Run Lola Run and Perfume for making what could have been a standard political thriller much more. There is not very much action in the film, but when there is it is done amazingly well. The shootout in the Guggenheim is one of the best and most realistic I have ever seen. The film triumphs, in making everything plausible. All the characters are realistic in their actions and choices that they make. There are many long scenes of dialogue and these were very intriguing. The acting performances by the leads Clive Owen and Naomi Watts were great as well as the supporting performance by Naomi’s Eastern Promises co-star Armin Mueller-Stahl who we will see later in the year in Angels and Demons. I am glad that Watts was not a romantic interest to Clive Owen and that she actually had a strong indentity for her charcter. Everyone involved in this movie brought everything they had to the table and Tykwer succeeds in making a Hollywood film that isn’t made from the usual mold.

Golden Banana

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