Friday, February 6, 2009

Box Office Review - Push

This is a perfect example of style over substance. The locations are very good. The Cinematography is very good. The story is terrible. This is usually the problem with movies involving people with superhuman abilities not based on a comic book. The story tries to be smart, but just ends up rambling for two hours about stuff that makes no sense and then just raps up with an ending that promises a sequel. One big flaw is that there is never any consistency with the characters abilities. The main character Nick Grant played by Chris Evans is said to not have complete control of his powers, but during a scene half way through, it seems like he has mastered them. Then later he is back to the way he was before. I found that this took away from the little realism in the movie. The acting was good all around aside foe one actress. Dakota Fanning is proving that she has a good chance of making the difficult jump from child to adult actor. As for the older actress Camilla Belle she pales in comparison. I think that the director must have noticed this and given Camilla less lines because they are few and far between. When she does speak though, her delivery is not very good. Solid direction and visuals are wasted on a confusing mess of a script.

A Banana Peel (previously bad banana)

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