Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Box Office Review - Underworld; Rise of the Lycans

The major fault of this movie is forgetting to have a writing credit for William Shakespeare, unbelievable that they forget that. This is a Greek tragedy that involves Vampires and Werewolves and I found it quite enjoyable. I did not like the first two Underworlds, and I went in thinking that I would despise this one as well, but I actually didn’t. The acting was great all around and I liked Rhona Mitra so much that I am planning on rewatching Doomsday. Her chemistry with Michael Sheen was very good. As for the directing I am not a fan of Len Wiseman who directed the first two and I am glad they brought in Patrick Tatopoulos. The special effects were okay, but they could have been better. Some of the close-ups of the Lycans looked like the werewolves from Dog Soldiers and even though I love that movie it didn’t work for me here. My final reaction is that I should probably pick up the first two Underworlds and give them another chance because this one was a solid watch, and I will just have to put aside the fact that Wiseman directed them for a couple of hours.

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