Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Box Office Review - The Uninvited

Does the ending of a movie make the movie or is everything leading up to it more important? This is the problem with this film. The ending of the film is good and I didn’t expect it at all. The acting was well done by everyone involved and the directing was solid. The problem then is that after the movie ends the main part doesn’t work. There is too much that doesn’t make any sense and really should not lead to the conclusion that was given. The audience is left to question what exactly they were supposed to believe and what they were not. It leads the viewer along without any indication of what the conclusion will be. The first half works fine by itself as a standard Japanese horror PG-13 remake, but then this smart ending comes along and just erodes the rest of the movie. It is almost as if the writers knew how good an ending it was and got so excited that they just forgot about the rest of the story. This film got a much better ending then it deserved and that is what ruined it.

A Banana Peel (Changed from Bad Banana)

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