Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Banana A Day - God's Angry Man

This documentary short is a standard Werner Herzog documentary. The subject of the film is TV Evangelist Gene Scott who in the film comes across as a very arrogant person. In all of his interviews he talks about how much of a burden his church is and how hard he works to improve it. It is interesting that a man that claims he is doing God’s work never once gives God any credit. As for the angry man part he is a very angry man. At one point in the film a clip is used from Scott’s television show Festival of Faith. These shows seem to only be about fundraising and the clip used shows a time when Scott was trying to raise thirty thousand dollars. During the broadcast Gene Scott gets angry because he is six hundred dollars short of his mark. He says that he will not speak until the money is raised and sits down and pouts for a few minutes. He then stands up and loses it on the camera declaring that God’s work cannot be done without the six hundred dollars. He goes on like this for a while, and it is rather bizarre and interesting how people will follow someone like this. Herzog’s directing is great as usual, and I love the fact that you don't even know that he is there until you hear him ask the occasional question from off camera (Unlike Michael Moore). At a run time of only forty eight minutes the film is well worth the time.

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