Monday, March 2, 2009

Banana A Day - Shopgirl

I have only watched the movie and not read the source material written by Steve Martin, but I would say that the story probably works a lot better as a novella then as a film. The film wandered through its story with many irrelevant scenes. For one the Jason Schwartzman plot line did not work for me at all. He shows up at the beginning of the film and has a brief relationship with Claire Danes and then goes away and has his own bizarre sub-plot involving a touring rock band while Steve Martin and Danes have their relationship. Throughout the film there are clips of Schwartzman's character improving himself through self-help tapes and then he comes back and sweeps Claire Danes off her feet. I really like Jason Scwartzman as an actor and he was one of the reasons that I wanted to see the film, but the movie would have been better without his storyline. Claire Danes is well cast in the role and I liked her character. As for Steve Martin his character was rather dull and there is nothing to criticize because there is not much there. The film though watchable and would not be a waist of time to watch on television would have benefited from another script rewrite to tighten up all of the plot lines.

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