Friday, March 13, 2009

Box Office Review - The Last House On The Left

This movie is not a horror movie. There are some terribly disturbing things that happen in it. There are horrific acts that take place in it, but this is not a horror movie. The general idea is that a horror movie rarely causes the audience to feel for those who are on the screen. We can sit and watch everything that happens and even enjoy it. Last House makes the audience feel everything that is happening and it would be hard to say that I enjoyed the film. The film is good though and it accomplishes what it set out to do. The film's run time is only one hundred minutes and as the audience you feel every second of it. There are scenes that are excessive in length, that really try to nail the film’s message into your brain, which I could have done without. The style of the film is very good, relying on hand held shots for the majority of it. This isn’t Cloverfield, so the shots are steady with just a little bit of shake. The acting was solid by everyone involved. A special mention should go to Garret Dilahunt (he was Deputy Wendell in No Country For Old Men) because he is almost unrecognisable as the ring leader of this little group of Sadists. The film touches on revenge a bit, but it never really took a stance whether good or bad. This is the worst fault of the film, and I wish that there was more in the story about morality. Typical horror fans may not enjoy the slow pacing, and mainstream filmgoers probably wont be able to handle the graphic nature, but if you choose to go see it be prepared to see a brutal drama that forces you to connect with what is happening on the screen. Note: The major scene in the trailer (if you’ve seen it then you know what I mean) was poorly used in the film.

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