Saturday, March 7, 2009

Box Office Review - One Week

A Canadian film that is more than just a glorified made for TV movie. One Week is better than most road trip movies and some of its style is similar to that of Run Lola Run or Amelie. The acting is very good by everyone involved. Joshua Jackson is responsible for carrying the majority of the movie and he does this very well. The script is good and all the characters and situations feel real. The locations were well picked and I think for a movie that goes across a country is does well in highlighting the different regions. About three quarters of the way through the movie it gets a little sappy, but the film does recover from that and finishes strong. I doubt the film would appeal to someone that is not Canadian or familiar with Canada as there are lots of references to things that are exclusive to the country, but there are some universal themes. This is definitely one of the best Canadian films out there, and if it is playing in a theatre near you there is no excuse not to see it.

A Good Banana

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