Monday, April 6, 2009

Banana A Day - Chopper

Directed by Andrew Dominik, who did Assassination of Jesse James. Erci Bana plays Mark "Chopper" Read, one of the most insane characters I have seen in a movie. The scariest part is that he is an actual person. The film is based on books that were written by the real Chopper in prison. The film does say at the beginning though, that the film is not a biography and has taken creative liberties. Eric Bana completely embodies the character, and put on a significant amount of weight for the role. The stuff that is portrayed in the movie is crazy. Chopper is very paranoid, and always thinks people are out to get him. Early in the film he stabs a fellow prisoner multiple times in the throat, and then he apologizes to the guy and offers him a cigarette. The real Chopper is a best selling author in Australia, and is a pop culture icon. I felt that this film has a case of "Funny Games Syndrome", where the audience is meant to like the character, but also feel guilty for it. Andrew Dominik is a great director, and if you can find the movie, give it a watch.

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