Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Banana A Day - Halloween: Resurrection

Of course this is a terrible movie. It was made in 2002, and follows the same formula as slashers from the 80s. There are two points in the film though, that I want to touch on. Those points make this movie at least worth a watch once. There is a sub-plot in the beginning of the movie where the main character Sara Moyer has a sort of Internet pen pal that she messages from her phone. She ends up getting onto an Internet reality show set in the Myer's home. Of course everything goes bad when Michael turns up, and then the pen pal who is watching faithfully saves the day by messaging her. It so funny the way that it is handled, and in the end she does never meet her saviour face to face. Bar none, the best part of the film is Busta Rhymes. He plays the creator of the reality show. At one point he dresses up like Michael Myers and tries to scare everybody. He comes face to face with the real Michael and has some hilarious dialogue where he chastises him. He goes away for a while, then comes back to dish out a hurting on Myers. Apparently Busta's character is a Kung Fu master and he actually does some moves against Michael. His lines and character are so ridiculous that it is impossible not to laugh. Youtube Halloween Resurrection Busta Rhymes to see his clips, if you don't want to sit through the hour and a half of this film.

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