Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Banana A Day - Wild Strawberries

A road trip taken by an old man that goes to places only the mind can travel. The basic premise is that Dr Isak Borg is being given an honorary award from Lund University. He is planning to fly there, but after a bizarre dream, feels compelled to drive the 14 hours through his old stomping grounds. He is joined by his daughter in law, and they meet many different characters along the way. As Bork visits his childhood home, he recalls moments from his past, and is forced to revaluate his life. The film is very beautiful, and it is enjoyable spending time with these characters. Each one portrays a different kind of world view. It moves along at a casual pace and seeing as the characters are so interesting, I didn't want it to stop. The way that life is looked at in this film is realistic, in that there is great suffering, and great joy.

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