Monday, April 13, 2009

Banana A Day - Two Champions of Shaolin

Those who are fans of The Chemical Brothers will recognise parts of this kung fu film from the music video Get Yourself High. Two Champions is everything that 70s and 80s kung fu flicks were about. The basis premise is built around a rivalry between the Wu Tang and Shaolin clans. Over the course of the film there are many instances of betrayal, side switching and of course great fight scenes. The leads play off each other very well, and this allows for many comedic moments. One thing I realised while watching this movie, is how much I dislike the monkey style of kung fu, at least the way it was done here. There were four characters who would wear monkey masks and use that style, and every time they fought, I wished that the Shaolin would just destroy them. I think it might have been the way it was choreographed, because that style has never bothered me before.

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