Thursday, May 14, 2009

Banana A Day - Short Cuts

Short Cuts is a 187 min character piece about the lives of twenty two individuals in Los Angeles. The length would not be a issue if the characters were the least bit enjoyable to spend time with. Directed by Robert Altman who I respect, but can say I have never really liked any of his movies. He was a very self indulgent film maker who made the claim that he showed whatever he wanted on the screen. As a director having that kind of control is great, but sometimes it just doesn't work for the audience. All the characters are loosely connected in the film, but none of the coincidences are that interesting. The characters have story lines that involve death and infidelity, but I never once identified with any of the characters. Giving credit where it is due. To make a film that involves jumping from story to story and keeping everything coherent as well as moving the story along involves a master hand.The cast as well is very good, most notable for me was Tom Waits. This film could work for certain people (and obviously has), but with the length and a story that does not go anywhere (which is not always a bad thing), in no way can I recommend it.

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