Friday, August 21, 2009

Box Office Review - Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino is a director that I have full trust in. I love spending time in his world, so watching one of his films is a major event. I wish that this could be an unbiased review, but it is not. I am a lifetime fan of Tarantino and thus I loved this film. I watched it twice back to back and it was a different experience each time. At the first showing the crowd was very vocal in their appreciation laughing at all the Tarantinoisms and obviously enjoying it. I was carried right along with the crowd and it was a blast. At the second showing the crowd was very subdued and I was able to appreciate all of the conversations and set pieces in the film better than at the first showing. That is what I expect from a Tarantino film, and this is a Tarantino film through and through.

There are some very memorable characters in this movie that go right up there with Jules, Jackie, The Bride, and Stuntman Mike. One might expect that the most memorable would be Brad Pitt’s part apache, Nazi scalping character Aldo Raine. While he is a great character, there are three other characters and performances that I would put before him. The first being Col. Hans Lada played by Christoph Waltz. His character refers to himself as a Jew finding “Detective” but is known by the French as the “Jew Hunter”. Waltz is given many long dialogue scenes by Tarantino and he does a great job with them. Col. Hans Lada is an intelligent guy, but he is also a crazy Nazi and one never knows when he is going to freak out. Waltz balances his character perfectly and he deserves lots of praise for his role. My second favourite character is played Mélanie Laurent. Her character is Shosanna a young theatre owner forced to hold a propaganda film premiere at her theatre. She is as strong as any of Tarantino’s other female characters, as well as male characters for that matter. She is featured as much if not more than Brad Pitt in the film and is able to hold her own. This is the first time I have seen her in anything, and I hope I will see lots more of her. Lastly director Eli Roth has a small but perfectly suited role as Donnie Donowitz aka “The Bear Jew”. I have never been a big fan of his directorial efforts, but as an actor I really like his presence. He is good in Cabin Fever, as well as Death Proof and here he steals the scenes he is in.

Over the seventeen years that Tarantino has been making films he has made some very diverse films. No matter if it is a gangster film or a kung fu picture he is able to keep his style no matter what. Inglourious Basterds is no different and any fan will be able to pick up on it. He films table conversations in this the same way that he did on Reservoir Dogs. There is a scene in a theatre lobby filmed similair to the restraunt scene in Kill Bill. He is able to film a World War Two movie without losing his style and thats why I love his work. All the films exist in the same world. A world of Tarantino. I am glad that I can be a resident

A Gold Banana

(No trailer is included because it is a very deceptive trailer. Just go and see the movie)

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  1. Dude! I saw this twice on Friday too! Good film dude. Even when seen fromt eh ghettos!