Saturday, September 19, 2009

Box Office Review - The Informant

The character Mark Whitacre played by Matt Damon is one of the strangest and most fantastic characters recently seen on the big screen. The best part is he is a real person and this films proves that real life is stranger than fiction. There is a humorous disclaimer stating that certain things were embellished to make the film more enjoyable though. It is a very enjoyable film and that is due to the stellar performance by Matt Damon.

It is hard to picture this guy with a goofy smile and a rather prominent gut as the same person who played Jason Bourne. Damon becomes the character Whitacre, changing his mannerisms and speech perfectly. I can’t iterate how much I like the character of Mark Whitacre. He is not only confident in the web of lies and deceit towards his company ADM, but also towards the FBI. The film just shows how all these things unravel and so many unexpected things get revealed that it is hard to keep everything straight. That is where the humour in the film comes from. It is very dry humour and I think many people will not find it funny. There were some long scenes without laughs, but I fault myself for not picking up on the subtleties. I think that the film over time will get bigger and bigger laughs from myself because there is a lot of humour in the film.

I see many comparisons to the film Shattered Glass except that film is serious while The Informant is not so much. Director Steven Soderbergh was able to craft a very realistic story that is also completely absurd. To compliment such a bizarre story is the best original score of the year. Marvin Hamlisch’s last complete film score was thirteen years ago. The filmed would not work as well as it does if not for this score. Hopefully there will be a soundtrack released in the near future.

The key word to describe the film is watchable. That is what makes a good comedy and having talented people as Soderbergh, Damon, and Hamlisch is what makes a great film.

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