Sunday, September 27, 2009

Box Office Review - Surrogates

The entire plot for Surrogates is absurd. Just like Gamer or James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar, people in the future are able to control a host in the real world using their brain waves. I can deal with an absurd plot like this, so I will not criticise Surrogates for it. There are many other things that make the film dull and unwatchable.

Bruce Willis is an FBI agent investigating the first murder in years. The movie plays as a detective story, and it fails miserably. There is zero suspense or mystery in this film. Anyone who has seen one or two detective flicks will be able to figure out the events of the movie long before they actually happen. Obviously when a film is trying to create an elaborate mystery and there is no mystery to be had there is a problem. Willis’s character has no difficulty figuring out the story and it is rather dull watching him go through the motions. Everything about the film is just one big clichĂ©. Attractive partner, check. Troubled home life, check. Past that haunts him, check. Boss that doesn’t like his style, check. This is all stuff that ten years ago felt dated.

I just checked the budget for the film and it is a reported eighty million which seems ridiculous. Comparing this to District 9 which was shot for twenty million, Surrogates looks like something that was shot in the 90s. That just goes to show how much money goes to getting higher profile actors. Too bad not one performance was any good.

Ultimately this movie has nothing memorable about it and will slip from your mind minutes after watching it. That is the good news if you decide to see it. The bad news is that you will have to suffer through the film for eighty nine minutes.

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