Thursday, February 25, 2010

Box Office Review - District 13: Ultimatum

I find with these types of action films that you don’t need to watch the entire movie to appreciate it. For example the first time I watched Ong Bak, all of the story elements were skipped through in favour of watching only the fight scenes. The story was still intelligible and it wasn’t until my fifth viewing of the movie that I watched the entire thing. I watched District 13: Ultimatum in its entirety, and my opinion would have been the same of the film if I had only watched the action scenes. Of course if you have any interest in D13U it is not because you are interested in the story telling. You would be interested in crazy Parkour stunts, and D13U delivers, almost. The scenes of Parkour are crazy and inventive, but they are too few and far between. Honestly they probably take up more than half the film, but that is nowhere near enough. The first D13 was directed by director Pierre Morel who went on to bigger things with Taken, and From Paris With Love. D13U is directed by Patrick Alessandrin and there is almost no difference, quality wise, between the films. The amount of action scenes are comparable between both movies, so if one were to fast watch the action scenes of both films you would have an almost feature length movie full of action. Maybe that is what Luc Besson (writer of both films) will do for the sequel. I payed three dollars for the first movie on DVD. I have watched that DVD a few times. I will pay the same amount for this movie (maybe six dollars if it is on Blu-Ray), and watch it a few times.

A Good Banana

If you are not sure what Parkour is, here is a quality example.

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