Saturday, March 6, 2010

Box Office Review - Alice In Wonderland

Personally I think that Tim Burton gets more credit than he deserves. For some reason he has struck a chord with mainstream viewers who are looking to claim that they have weird taste. I don’t mean to sound elitist, but Tim Burton is far from being an edgy, dark filmmaker. The reason being that he never takes any risks, he just follows the same formula every movie and makes a lot of cash. Burton makes strange but loveable characters and places them in a dark but harmless world. Alice in Wonderland does the exact same thing, and by doing this it commits the worse sin a movie can. It is boring. I found that there was nothing in the movie that intrigued me or kept my interest. I was not a fan of the cg world or characters as they didn’t feel that original. Johnny Depp (another ingredient in Burton’s formula) as the Mad Hatter is what most people will be going to see the movie for, and his performance is the exact same as what he does in Pirates and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are a few different mannerisms that he does, and his voice is different, but the character is the same. I can’t really blame him though, because this is the character people are paying their hard earned money to see. I couldn’t feel more different. The Mad Hatter has one of my least favourite scenes in the movies. Near the beginning of the film it is mentioned that he is an incredible dancer, but only does a certain dance on a certain day. It is teased throughout the film and of course it happens at the end. It felt like some weird kids film money shot, and I am sure it will be what is remembered most about the movie. I am told that it is better to be positive than negative in life, so I have one positive about the movie. Helena Bonham Carter plays a good Red Queen. I was dreading that part of the movie, as I have hated the character in the past, but she does a relatively painless portrayal. None of the other performances did anything for me, so good for Helena Bonham Carter. I wished that I could be more positive, but I can’t. This movie did not work at all for me. My final thoughts concern everyone from the biggest Tim Burton fan to his biggest detractors. If you plan on seeing the film, save some money and see it on a regular screen not in 3D. I saw it in IMAX 3D and it did nothing for the film. The 3D was done in post-production and is rather poor.

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