Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I Watched Last Week

Shutter Island

Second watch and the film is still great. After hearing some different takes on the film and watching it again there is defenitly a lot to be thought about.

The Crazies

Lots of fun. The car wash scene is great

Where The Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze is a great director and I think it is awesome that he directed this movie. The end result divided most people and I think that just shows how great the movie is. Who wants to see a movie that everyone loves anyway?

The Story of Ricky

This came out in 1991 and at the time got the Hong Kong equivalent of NC-17 just for violence. Think Brain Dead but instead of a horror film it’s a Kung Fu flick. Seeing as this film came out nineteen years ago all the effects are practical and cheesy, but that is what makes the film so great. Not to spoil anything because you should definitely seek this out, but there is a scene where a guy cuts open his stomach, pulls out his innards and tries to strangle the hero of the film.

The Hangover

I didn’t like this the first time, and with this second viewing my opinion doesn’t change. This might as well be called Dude Where’s My Friend. There are so many talented people involved that the movie should have been much better. On a related note, Saturday Night Live was successful in making Zach Galifianakis not funny. SNL has reached a new level a terrible.

Audience of One

This is a documentary about a preacher who believes that God has called him to make a movie, and not just any movie, a massive blockbuster. The funny thing is that this calling came after he watched his first movie at the age of forty. This is hilarious, but also kind of sad. The movie is described as being a cross between Star Wars and The Ten Commandments. Three scenes were shot before everything falls apart. Near the end of the film, when things look there bleakest the main pastor gets a revelation from God about things to come. Some of these things are that there religious congregation will on their own airport, have multiple trips into space, and be the first people to colonize another planet. Worth checking out.


This documentary couldn’t be any different than Audience of One. It is about an incident were a man was crushed to death while having relations with a horse. The incident exposed a group of men who come together on a farm to do this sort of thing. The movie doesn’t get graphic at all, and is almost entirely recreations (none of the actual acts) with interviews of those involved playing over top. I had a bad feeling in my stomach while watching this due to the subject manner, but would definitely recommend it.

Capturing the Friedmans

Arnold Friedman was caught in a sting operation to stop child pornography. This leads to an investigation of the family and this documentary follows all of it. This movie is hard to describe because there is so much real and false evidence thrown around that you need to make up your own mind about things. It is well put together and as the family were technology freaks there is ton of video tape taken by the family during the investigation. My opinion is that the father and son were both guilty of the charges against them.

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