Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Box Office Review - The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer has an old soul. Everything about it is modern. Cell Phones, GPS, and news coverage are all used as ways to propel the plot, but the story and characters are classic mystery fodder. Ewan McGregor is a ghost writer hired to rewrite the autobiography of a former British prime minister, an accused war criminal played by Pierce Brosnan. McGregor is a stranger in the world that Brosnan’s character inhabits, and it is a very strange world. What follows is McGregor uncovering the many secrets that are in this private place. There is not much new or original story wise in the film. An old stranger has lots of information about a recent death; mysterious people follow the protagonist, and so on. These elements, though predictable can make an enjoyable movie, and The Ghost Writer is an enjoyable movie. The setting of the film of the coast of New England was brilliant. The rain, the fog horns, the ocean create a perfect atmosphere for the story to take place in. Atmosphere is something that is lacking in most recent mystery films (aside from Shutter Island), so it is good to have an old pro like Polanski at the helm injecting some life into this one.

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