Friday, March 26, 2010

Box Office Review - Hot Tub Time Machine

The men in Hot Tub Time Machine are inexplicably presented with, well, a hot tub time machine. John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke are then men that are sent back to the 80s by the aforementioned machine. What follows are many jokes about the decade, as well as the group coming to terms with their friendship. As with every comedy the most important thing is that it is funny, and Hot Tub Time Machine is pretty funny. All the 80s jokes were funny and surprisingly never grew tired throughout the film. I appreciated the send-ups to some classic 80s films in the movie. The Sixteen Candles table scene is recreated, John Cusack wears a similar jacket to the one he wore in Say Anything, and Red Dawn is integrated into the story hilariously. The most important link this movie has to the 80s is that it stars Crispin Glover as a bell hop. He has a running gag throughout the movie that is hilarious. Unfortunately there are some big gaps between these gags as well as gaps between any humour. There were periods in the film that were just dull. None of the individual storylines were very interesting. It was when all the main characters were interacting together that the movie was at its best. Hot Tub Time Machine is very crude and often times appeals to the lowest spectrum of comedy fans, but it is also very smart and genuinely funny. If a movie makes me laugh multiple times how can I not recommend it.

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