Friday, March 19, 2010

Box Office Review - Repo Men

The subject of organ repossession is nothing new in the science fiction genre. Repo Men brings the subject into the mainstream, and the result is an uninspired film. The movie stars Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as best friends and organ repossession men. Jude Law ends up having an accident while out on a job and he gets an artificial heart. Remorse about his repo job follows and the rest is Logan’s Run combined with Brazil. The movie looks good, is well directed, and the acting is good. The movie just fails to do anything exciting or interesting. Throughout the two hours of the film there is only one interesting fight scene. That scene involves a bunch of knives, guns, a hack saw, and a hammer (Old Boy reference). The scene is over way to soon, and a two minute scene doesn’t erase the faults of the rest of the film. Universal needs to think twice before green lighting projects like this.

A Banana Peel

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