Monday, March 15, 2010

What I Watched Last Week

Gentlemen Broncos
This movie was very disappointing. I really wanted to like it, and I watched it thinking I would. Jemaine Clement was the best part of the movie, but his part was basically a side story. The rest of the movie was pointless. The idea of a science fiction writer stealing a kids story is great on its own, but all the other stuff was uninspired. This cast including Sam Rockwell, Michael Angarano, and Jennifer Coollidge deserve better. If the movie centered on the stealing of the story this movie would have been great.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
This a good short documentary if you are a 80s metal fan. It is even better if you think these people are ridiculous. Filmed at a Judas Priest concert for a public access show HM Parking Lot interviews the concert goers. Most of them are drunk or high and this leads to hilarity. My favourite part is when a kid in a zebra print jumpsuit saying how much he hates punk music. Also when the twenty year old guy is so proud of his thirteen year old girlfriend, that is classic heavy metal.

Up In The Air

Third viewing and it is still good.

The Postman

It is crazy that Kevin Costner was able to make this movie after the disaster that was Waterworld. The crew on set referred to The Postman as Dirtworld, and that is the best way to describe it. The are so many similarities in both movies including a woman in each film asking the Costner for his seed. Obviously because he is a prime specimen of man, well at least in his eyes. Now I find a bit of enjoyment in Costner’s self indulgence in this film, but don’t get me wrong this is no Waterworld. The movie runs close to three hours, so I can only recommend it to the super bored or those with a high pain tolerance.

Summer School
A movie that is pure 80s, Summer School delivers all the cheese of that decade. The tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was very good. That is due to the great characters Chainsaw and Dave.

Encounters at the End of the World
Director Werner Herzog is a very interesting man. That is why his documentary about Antarctica is so interesting. At the beginning of the documentary Herzog says that when he was approached to make the film he told the financiers that he wouldn’t be making a penquin movie. He decided to focus on those who choose to live and work in the frozen world. The film is entertaining and beautifully shot. Herzog is easily one of the greatest filmmakers.

The Princess and the Frog
I resisted seeing this, but I can say that I made a mistake. Disney set out to make a animated flick that was a throwback to the golden age of animation. They did that pretty well with the film. Setting it in New Orleans was inspired as it allowed the film to use jazz music. Keith David was the best as the voodoo practicing bad guy.

SkinheadUSA: Soldiers of the Race War
Chronicling a Neo-Nazi group in 1993 this documentary got great access into the gang. It is scary that groups like this exist, but any fears should be quenched once it is established how stupid these people are. In the few scenes where the Neo-Nazis are confronted by an opposition they can barely verbalise a coherent thought supporting there views. Leader Bill Riccio is never around when these confrontations happen. It is sad that some many teens are influenced by Riccio. Most of them have been abandoned and have nowhere else to go. Embracing a life of hate to have the support of a group seems like the only option for these kids and Riccio appeals to these kids by letting them have free run over his place.. I don’t see how after watching this documentary anyone would want to join these groups.

Point Blank
A Lee Marvin revenge flick. Do I need to say anything else? Lee Marvin is an awesome presence and he is one of my favourite actors. He is great in Point Blank, a well made film directed by John Boorman (a few years before he did Deliverance). There are some very cool visuals throughout the movie, as Marvin’s character has weird flashbacks. The story I found a bit confusing. Similar to the way I find the storyline of Bullit confusing. There seem to be pieces missing in the film that should explain things. Bullit is great regardless of the story, and so is Point Blank.

Death Sentence
From a pure unadulterated revenge flick to a poorly made one. This is directed by James Wan who got his start directing the first Saw film. It stars Kevin Bacon as a Dad whose sun is killed with a machete during an initiation killing. Bacon witnesses the killing and identifies the guy responsible. Of course the legal system won’t give a suitable sentence so Bacon doesn’t iidetify the guy in court, preferring to administer his own justice. What follows is a film that tries to be realistic, but instead is boring and ridiculous. The movie tries to show that revenge is a bad thing and won’t solve anything and who wants that in a revenge film. Also the movie has some of the worst use of music I have witnessed. It is Invictus bad. After a home invasion Bacon and his family all get shot. The camera then slowly pans over the bodies as a sappy alternative rock song plays. The same song is used other places and it is horrible.

The Lady Eve
Preston Sturges is a great director, but this is not on of my favourites of his work. It is good don’t get me wrong. Most of the problems I have with the movie is a element in it that I have never been able to buy into. The character Jean is able to convince everyone that she is Eve without the use of a disguise, even fooling Charlie whose heart she just recently broke. The movie explains it better than some by showing that Charlie is actively ignoring the fact that it is Jean. Like I said this is more a personal problem with the movie then solid criticism. Ignore my comments and see the movie.

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