Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Banana A Day - Fear

This romantic thriller starring Reece Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg is terrible. Fear is a movie that shows all that was bad about the nineties. Witherspoon’s character is a high school girl with enough angst to fill the whole Twilight series. She sees Mark Wahlberg’s character at a hipster bar that is strangely packed during lunch time. They then meet at a huge rave in a warehouse, and Wahlberg seduces her. He seems like he is really nice, but he actually is crazy. The movie is very predictable and uninteresting. There is an absolutely ridiculous scene where Wahlberg’s character pleasures Witherspoon’s on a roller coaster. This must have seemed like a romantic scene on paper, but it appears very stupid on film. Also there is no way that this act would be safe on a roller coaster. The last twenty minutes turn into a John Carpenter style barricade survival film and that part was kind of cool. I would much rather have watched and entire film focused on that. It seems pointless critiquing a film like this, but there is some weird enjoyment that comes from it.

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