Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I Watched Last Week

Julie and Julia
After all the hype around this movie I figured it was time I watched this sort of bio pic. The parts that focused on Julia were good. Meryl Streep was in her usual form, and Stanley Tucci was great as her husband. I hated every minute of the Julie story line. I am a fan of Amy Adams, but she is wasted here. Her character is very selfish, and unlikeable. I watched an interview with the real Julie and it turns out Amy Adam’s character is toned down compared to the real deal. Nora Ephron directed this movie, and the narrative style is similar to that of You’ve Got Mail, a much better film.

In The Loop

This political comedy is absolutely hilarious. It is a spin-off of the British television show In The Thick Of It, a show which I have never seen. The jokes in the movie are fast and furious, and it definitely deserved its screenwriting Oscar nomination. I can’t praise this movie enough. Find it and watch it.

The Changeling

Not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood movie, The Changeling is a 1980s horror film that stars George C Scott. The movie takes place in a very creepy mansion, and can be seen as an influence to such films as The Others, The Orphanage, and Poltergeist. Scott is awesome in this movie, and there are some genuinely scary scenes in the movie.

An Education

This movie truly deserves its nomination for best picture. When I saw this in the theatre I was not expecting such a funny and fairly light-hearted movie. Carey Mulligan got a lot of attention for her performance, and rightly so. The other actors like Olivia Williams, Alfred Molina, Peter Sarsgaard, and Cara Seymour are all great.

In The Loop

This was so good I watched it again.


This Canadian Zombie movie is bizarre, but enjoyable. If you’re going to make a movie about a virus in the English language, you might as well have someone with as good a voice as Stephen McHattie has in this. Setting the entire film in a radio station means that the audio in this is top notch, and that allows for many scary scenes that require no visual aids. The movie is very claustrophobic and reminiscent of the best of John Carpenter. This is on the top of my list for greatest Canadian films.

Beverly Hills Cop

This was a first time watch for me, but as this is a staple of 80s movies I felt that I had seen it already. There are many similarities between this and every 80s cop movie to come out. This is no Running Scared, but it is still good. Eddie Murphy is very funny, and has some good rants in this.

Minority Report

Another first time watch for me. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this; it is a good movie, as many already know. Steven Spielberg is on top of his game with this. Minority Report is like a science fiction version of Indiana Jones. My problem with the movie is Janusz Kaminski’s cinematography. I find that the colors in his movies look over saturated, and here it is very prevalent. There were times were the movie looked almost unwatchable. It may have just been the DVD transfer that was the problem.

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