Monday, May 17, 2010

Banana A Day – The Burning

The best part of this Friday The 13th rip-off is the appearance of Jason Alexander as Dave. This is Alexander's first role and he is very awesome in this supporting role. He plays the coolest (well at least I think) camp counsellor in the film. The only thing that would make his character better is if he turned out to be the killer. The actual killer in the film is a dude named Cropsy an ex camp counsellor who was terribly burned when a prank went horribly wrong. Seven years later and after the bloody murder of a prostitute Cropsy heads back to camp. He spends the next half hour of the movie watching campers and this leads to many false alarm scares. This is the worst part of the movie. Nothing happens for a very long time. There are no kills for most of the film. All the audience gets is characters thinking someone is watching them in the shower and it just turns out to be the weird kid at camp sneaking a look. The movie does eventually get crazy, but not until the older kids go on their overnight camp. After watching The Burning I have decided that overnights at sleep away camps are not a good idea. Either the camp gets massacred while the overnight campers are away, or the overnight campers get slaughtered. Neither of these situations appeals to me. If you can take anything away from this review take this advice. Never go to a camp that involves overnight trips, because someone is going to get killed. Anyway there are some insane kills in the last act of this film. The raft massacre is very impressive with lots of blood and a really cool shot of Cropsy. The final scenes are a bit of a letdown with one of the characters being chased through the woods for what seems like forever. This isn't as fun as some of the Friday the 13th films, but is still a very watchable entry in the slasher genre.

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