Friday, May 21, 2010

Box Office Review - MacGruber

Macgruber joins the non-prestigious club of Saturday Night Live films, and while this Jorma Taccone film is better than other SNL films such as The Ladies Man, Conheads and Superstar. It doesn't compare to the greatness of The Blues Brothers and the Wayne's World films. Judging MacGruber as a standalone movie is of course the best way to review it, but don't expect it to fare any better on its own.

Based on the very short and unfunny sketch on SNL, I originally thought that making a feature movie of MacGruber was just a stupid rumour. Alas in a world were a movie based on an amusement park ride can make three hundred million domestically and produce two sequels with another on the way; I guess nothing is impossible. MacGruber is now in theaters and with it comes all of the frat boys to revel in its immaturity. Or so you would think. At the screening this afternoon there were not very many people and most of them were probably over the age of sixty. Which seemed very weird to me, who is this movie supposed to appeal to? After watching the film I am still not sure who this movie is for.

The comedy in the film is supposed to come from how much of an idiot MacGruber is. This is funny for about five minutes and then it starts to get old. There is a lot of humour based around profanity which also gets old fast. Basically what I am saying is this movie only works in small doses. The last twenty minutes is funny with a few running gags that work all right, but the majority of the movie just feels tired. I am bored even thinking back on the film, so I guess it's time to end my review. If you had planned on seeing this film, skip it and save your money.

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