Monday, September 27, 2010

Banana A Day - Krull

Krull is a science-fiction fantasy hybrid that is good 80s nostalgia, but in no way a great film. After the world of Krull is invaded by aliens Prince Colwyn and Princess Lyssa get married to establish an alliance between their two rival kingdoms, and hopefully then be able to defeat the alien invaders. Unfortunately immediately after the wedding the aliens attack and kidnap the princess and kill almost everyone. Prince Colwyn is the only one who survives and the rest of the movie is about him trying to rescue the princess. She gets taken to a place called The Black Fortress a place that transports to a new location on the world of Krull ever morning at sunrise. In order for Prince Colwyn to find the location of The Black Fortress he has to complete a series of Quests. Along the way he meets a group of soldiers, a wizard, and a Cyclops. All of them assist him on his journey. Yes this movie gets kind of convoluted as it presents so much fictional mythology throughout the film. There is a magical frisbee that comes from a lava pit, a lady who controls a spider, and magical fire that only true love can ignite. The movies attempts at fleshing out the world of Krull make the movie move at a snail's pace. Even though so much time is spent creating the fantasy world of the film I never felt rapped up or consumed by the movies setting. This film reminds me a lot of the 1940 film The Theif of Bagdad. It even seems to borrow heavily from that film during the spider scene. Unlike Theif of Bagdad, Krull doesn't thrill for its entire runtime. The film has a lot going for it, but too much focus on creating a believable world bogs down the pace of the movie. Krull is an essential movie for fans of 80s fantasy, but for others Krull is a movie that can be passed over and forgotten.

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