Monday, September 27, 2010

Box Office Review – Never Let Me Go

It has been eight years since director Mark Romanek's released his last film One Hour Photo. Now in 2010 he returns to the director's chair with a film that is smart, poignant, and near perfect. Written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) Never Let Me Go is a very restrained film that is brilliantly paced, and acted. The movie could have resulted in a complex and convoluted story, but we are never given enough information for that to happen. A world is created for this story to take place in and as an audience member I found it easy to accept and get lost in.

Never Let Me Go takes place across three decades starting in the late 70s. The movie begins at a school called Hailsham where we meet Kathy. She is falling for the class outcast Tommy and he for her, when Kathy's friend Ruth swoops in and becomes Tommy's new object of affection. This is the start of the love triangle that is the basis of the film. The thing is Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are all Doners destined to donate their organs once they reach a certain age. Sounds like science fiction stuff right? It is, but you wouldn't know it. The film plays everything very serious and provides just enough information for one to realise things are a bit off with its world.

All the choices made while making this movie shows great control by the director. Whether it be the set design, wardrobe, or cinematography everything just seems in balance. Director Romanek really knew what he wanted and in my opinion he achieved it 100%

While writing this review I am finding difficulty putting into writing why I enjoyed it so much. That is probably because this is a movie that must be experienced, mulled over, and then experienced again. It has been awhile since I came out of a movie really pondering what I had just seen. Never Let Me Go has great performances by Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightely, and Andrew Garfield. If you have an opportunity to see it don't pass it up.

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