Thursday, October 28, 2010

Banana A Day - The Blob (1988)

If you have ever wanted to see Kevil Dillon fight a gelatinous pink mass, this is the film for you. Based on the 50s classic that starred Steve McQueen, this remake amps up the gore with the use of some impressive special effects. Story wise the 80s version follows the original film very close. Amazing writer and director Frank Darabont wrote the script with the films director Chuck Russell and they infuse the story with R rated content. The effects especially in the first half of the film are good and distubing. The Blob is acidic so there are many scenes with body parts being removed in interesting and disgusting ways. The best scene in the film takes place in a diner and involves the cook being pulled through the drain of a sink. This is a very nasty scene. The Blob then explodes out of the drain onto the ceiling. The first time I watched this part I skipped back and watched it again. Remakes get dumped on all the time, but this is one that does not deserve any flack.

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